About the VPC

The Valleys PlanningCouncil (VPC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 1962. Its mission is to conserve land and resources, preserve historic character and maintain the rural feel and land uses in the valleys. 
The organization relies on financial support from members, many of whom have been members since the beginning. VPC is governed by a 40-member board of directors and 10-member executive committee.  It also employs a full-time executive director and executive assistant.
The VPC territory includes 130 square miles (83,200 acres) in northwest Baltimore County. The framework for its approach to strategic and managed growth was established in The Plan for the Valleys, a nationally acclaimed land use study prepared by Wallace and McHarg in the early 1960s. Key tenets of the plan that still guide the organization’s work today include:
  •         Limit the provision of public water and sewer service
  •         Develop conservation zoning to preserve agricultural and rural land
  •         Limit development on valley floors and steep slopes
  •         Provide for long-term viability of farming
  •         Facilitate and promote conservation easements
  •         Protect forests, streams and aquifers

The VPC maintains an office in the heart of Towson at 118 W. Pennsylvania Avenue, directly across of the old courthouse that now serves as the county executive and county council offices.
The VPC monitors the valleys — carefully watching over the existing and proposed land uses to ensure that the beautiful landscape and bountiful resources of the area are used in the most wise and efficient manner. You can help by keeping your eyes and ears open and letting us know of activities or proposals in the future that may need to be evaluated or addressed.

Please visit the Valleys Planning Council's full website HERE.


Peter Fenwick - President
John W. Beckley - Secretary
Kathleen Pontone - Vice President
William G. Stewart – Treasurer

Wayne Armacost
Justin Batoff
Chris Bennett
Elizabeth Blue
Doug Carroll
Gaylord Clark, III
Howard P. Colhoun
Vicky Collins
Stiles T. Colwill
William J. Cook
Chandler Denison
Mary Louise Foster
Lucy Goelet
Ann Green
Edward Halle, Jr.
Douglas Hamilton
Ann Whitman Hurd
Henry Jenkins
George W. Kelly
Don Kirson
Martha Lessner
George Mahoney, Jr.
Michael J. McGonigle
Paul Miller
Carrie Montague
Meriwether Morris
Foster Nichols, Jr.
Achsah O’Donovan
Neill Peck
Gail Riepe
Debbie Rosenberg
Lewis Scharff
Claudia Vieth
Elizabeth Wilmerding
Paul Wooden, Jr.
Ned Worthington, IV

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