Paula Reynolds

Paula Reynolds has been a Fine Art photographer for over 20 years working in series, most notably Ocean and Landscape documentation.  A graduate of The Maryland Institute College of Art, her photographs have been shown in several east coast galleries and exhibitions, and are included in collections both public and private in the US and internationally.  

As a resident of the Green Spring Valley, Paula’s pursuit of the photographic landscape began in 2012, on a neighboring property.  The former estate of Jean and Norman Baetjer, now known as Meadowdale, continues to offer a wealth of visual inspiration with its exquisite sunrises and pristine landscapes.  

Her preference for early morning back light creates a dynamic interplay between ground, trees and various objects in the landscape.  The meandering North Branch of the Jones Falls, lined with native white willow trees, contributes to mist filled mornings, creating sublime landscapes worthy of photographic documentation.




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Art goes on sale at 6:00 p.m. Friday, October 20, 2017.
Please email 
 if you're interested.

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