Tammie Monaco

Tammie Monaco received her first camera, a Polaroid, when she was in third grade.  By sixth grade, she had won her first photography contest with a shot she took with that very camera at Niagara Falls.  

While an undergraduate at Goucher College, Tammie enrolled in every photography course she could fit into her schedule and had her first paying job shooting for their Sports Information Department.  There were many late nights spent in the darkroom with what could only be ridiculously hazardous chemicals.  

These days, she’s happy to be shooting a Nikon and her focus is on animals, with a strong emphasis on equines.  Her images have been printed in dozens of publications and online features, been recognized in calendars, taken home blue ribbons from the State Fair (baked goods, ponies, and photos!) and have graced the covers of magazines.  Tammie is a regular contributor to The Equiery.  

You can find more of her work here


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Art goes on sale at 6:00 p.m. Friday, October 20, 2017.

Please email Alice if you're interested.

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